Wednesday Afternoon Wisdom

It’s the middle of the week for some people.  In the medical world, all days appear the same and that is long and demanding.  We see death, pain, birth, families in distress, and extreme happiness.  We are not immune to this emotional pendulum.  It swings both ways as we smile and give the highest level of patient care.  We have so many clients.  Patients, nurses, medical technologists, medical students, families, outside contractors, and everyone we meet is a client.  I love the culture of kindness that some hospitals and academic medical centers are implementing.  Who cares how the surgeons rank if they lack interpersonal skills?  We are not allowed to say, “It’s not my job,” anymore and I am happy about it.  When we see people with a puzzled look on their faces, we have to ask if they need help.  It had to be mandated in order to get a uniform level of patient care.  Tying patient satisfaction in with medical reimbursement will surely be a motivating factor.  Service recovery is an area that we spend a tremendous amount of time.  Statistically, one dissatisfied patient can cost the hospital $500,000.00.  We cannot afford 1 single unhappy person.

Write a note or a letter to management the next time you receive great service.  We always get letters from dissatisfied customers.  The truly dissatisfied vote with their feet.  Medicine is very competitive, especially on the East Coast.  We have so many choices of hospitals and clinicians.  Of course, the uninsured and under insured have a different set of issues.  Politics and medicine are involved in a troubled relationship right now.  Government agencies and the media have a job to do, and most of us do not want to impede their progress.  However, I am too busy to fill up on the news reports.  I tend to be positive, because I skip the nightly killings before going to sleep.  Now there’s a wise tip for a Wednesday.  Try to skip all negative news reports for 1 day and feel the difference in your life!  You might be able to change your corner of the world if you skip so many negative details.


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