Hysteria Regarding the State of the Union Address

Welcome to the new calendar year!  This is my first post of 2012.  Those of us in the academic world are in the middle of the year, as our year begins July 1.  In our world, this is a time to analyze whether we are on target or incredibly behind.  I will resume the lectures on the composition of blood and get on to other physiological processes in a few days.  I needed to take a hiatus to move other projects ahead.  The numbers on this site have continued to increase daily, as more people find it and loyal student doctors send my link to their associates.  I appreciate the many emails questioning when the lectures would resume.  You guys are doing wonders for my sense of self worth.

As an American, I could not sit quietly as I witnessed wholesale disrespect of our president on yesterday.  Silence has encouraged many horrible occurrences in this country and in the world.  There have been times that I have decided not to challenge ignorance, in honor of one of my favorite Scriptures.  (…giving dogs what is sacred and casting pearls before swine…Matthew 7:6.)  But yesterday I engaged in an intellectual dialogue with various breeds.  A classmate from elementary school expressed her frustration about President Obama by stating that she would rather clean her toilet than watch him speak.  Another  of her followers would rather have a root canal.  Wow.  Nobody is capable of getting on my Trigeminal Nerve.  The fifth nerve is rather special to me!  Has it gotten that bad that a professional lady cannot afford help in the house?  Give up shopping. but do not give up help in the house.  Perhaps they sent all of those jobs to Mexico, too.  (No offense to the Mexicans.  I love the food and am fluent in Spanish.)

What would have been a round of Obama-bashing turned into a digital discourse where those who never listen to another person’s view, were forced to simply listen.  The word hysteria, describes a mental condition and is  is derived from the Greek word hystera which means womb.  It will take an entire lecture to describe the research from the 1800’s that studied the correlation between women being imbalanced if they did not experience orgasms.  The state of the union adress caused a hysteria that rivaled anything Freud ever analyzed.

I have young doctors to teach and a new hospital to build, so I shall not keep you long.  I must leave you with a comical quote by a gentleman who is amazed by racist people:

“Racist people are like cassette players, when I see one I’m like… they still make you??” -Kuji Muto

Finally, perpetuation of ignorance s American as baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie.  The most amazing type of ignorance is the type that has no knowledge of its dilemma.  Do well with this information.  I shall return in a few days with some knowledge that will help you pass a board exam.  Until then, clutch your pearls near your diaphragm!


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