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Anatomy of an Unsafe Abortion

The debate about abortions continues. Read one OB/GYN’s story. Re-posted from Dr. Jen Gunter.

Dr. Jen Gunter

I was in clinic when I heard the overhead STAT page to the emergency room.

As I sprinted down the stairs, I ran through the possible scenarios. I wasn’t on call, so the day to day gynecologic emergencies weren’t my purview. I hadn’t operated on anyone in the past few weeks, so unlikely to be one of my own patients with a complication.

Logically there was only one conclusion.

A nurse was holding the staff entrance to the ER open. From the look on her face I surmised this was to save the minute or two it would take to punch in the numbers on the lock and inquire at the desk for patient’s whereabouts.

“Down there,” she pointed.

On the gurney lay a young woman the color of white marble. The red pool between her legs, ominously free of clots, offered a silent explanation.

“She arrived a few minutes…

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Conclusion – The Survey of Blood

We are concluding the survey of human blood by leaving you with some resources to consult if you or a family member are diagnosed with a condition related to the blood.  If you would like further information on the 16-week course on blood that is taught by ACWD-MSB, call us at 609.851.1370.

We conduct an Academic Medical Ministry, which is our science outreach program that is held at local churches in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Trenton, New Jersey.  The AMM outreach teaches basic and advanced science to anyone from age 12 to 99.  We offer varying levels of exposure from body basics and learning to care for your organs, to advanced classes for those aspiring to apply to nursing, pharmacy or medical school.  We even offer support to those who are in professional school and need a strong review of the sciences or assistance studying for national board examinations.  We have a multi-disciplinary staff that is comprised of many ethnic groups.  Many foreign doctors and medical students have benefited  from our vast experience.

The following site contains several pages of detailed information on blood components, diseases, and handling.  The company also offers continuing education module for healthcare professionals.  Have a productive day.

We recommend that you add this site to your favorites.  It will certainly assist you or your loved ones in the future.  Although our primary mission is to members of the healthcare community, we are committed to delivering free information to the public.  An informed patient is our best patient.  Be well.


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Modern Ways to Study

I recently attended a lecture for professional school lecturers.  It is interesting to learn new techniques for teaching adults.  There is a distinct learning pattern for adult students.  As adults we have responsibilities of daily living and concerns that primary learners do not share.  But young and advanced learners have technology; sometimes a device in each hand.  In an effort to remain innovative and up to date, I invest in the latest technological advances.  I am not addicted, but tend to try new devices that enhance the learning experience.  Mature professors may find it distracting to lecture to an audience that has eyes down shifted.  Normally, this would signify divided attention.  But today, copious notes are taken digitally.  Advanced learners are trying many news ways to learn.

Digital cameras are being used to capture images of flashcards, which will be uploaded to a 7-inch notebook for quick reference.  Being in the academic setting definitely keeps one abreast of technological advances.  In the clinical setting, sophisticated robotic patients with organs and bodily functions can do everything from have a myocardial infarction or go into labor.  These expensive robots are changing the way we educate our clinicians and researchers.  Update your skills occasionally by taking a class that will expose you to a new type of technology.  Do well with this information and thank you for visiting this site.

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We Are Building A Coastal Hospital

As you may have heard on our radio broadcasts, my team has been planning to build a hospital that will respond to the recurring natural and man-made disasters.  We are embarking upon a capital improvement campaign that will allow us to open the doors to the North American Medical Center’s Campus of Care in 2014.  We are delighted to share our plans with progressive minded people.  To paraphrase Mary Kay Ashe, “Nobody can purchase your product if they do not know about your product.”  We plan to inform everyone about North American University Health Systems philosophies.

I hope you enjoy reading the research paper we prepared for a government official, explaining the need for our business model.

Professor Danna McKellar

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