Spring 2012 With Professor Danna McKellar

Greetings to all who are in the final days of this academic year.  I hope that the past nine months have been inspiring, informative, and incredible!  This season is full of medical students and biomedical researchers who are ready for internships and post-doctoral fellowships.  This season is also full of stress, final commitments before graduation, and allergies.  For those who suffer with seasonal, food, or hereditary allergies, I would like to offer encouragement.  We all need balance in our academic, personal, and business lives.

In an effort to remain balanced, I have taken some time off from publishing to do spring cleaning, shredding, and thinning of files.  As medical educators, we also must renew and update our skills.  I have been involved in classes and certification renewals of my own.  I am excited about the new lectures and skills I have prepared for those of you who live a lifestyle of lifelong learning.  Study hard, but learn to take pleasant breaks to rejuvenate, recharge, and renew.  Happy Spring!

Professor Danna McKellar



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