Achieve Your Goals Despite Obstacles and Challenges

If achieving goals was easy everyone would advance to the head of the class.  Many brilliant and talented people fail to realize their maximum potential because they do not push through difficult times.  Organization is a tool that is highly effective in achieving goals.  In my experience, the act of typing a strategy for getting the work done is as comforting as actually doing the work.  Large assignments should be broken down into weekly, daily, and hourly chores.  Use a list to check off each item and keep track of your progress.

In 2015 the American Council of Women and Diversity in Medicine, Science, Business, and Education will publish study aids which I designed to maximize your study time.  Whether you are preparing for the USMLE, NCLEX, or other allied health national examination, we have a product to assist you in excelling.  Stay encouraged and be resilient.  You can achieve your goals.

Professor Danna McKellar Ntaka


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