What Is Your 2015 Academic Goal?

Do you desire more discipline in your academic and professional life?  We always hear of people wanting to get more accomplished in a more efficient manner as the new year approaches.  Long range planning and documenting minute steps and milestones is one way to achieve more efficiency.

Try these suggestions:

1.  Make a list of the most important tasks of the day.  List them in order of importance.  If possible, perform this task the evening before.  Sometimes the new day will bring different priorities.

2.  Document reasons for shortcomings and a brief plan to compensate.

3.  Use all available time.  Listen to a lecture while washing dishes or starching a set of scrubs.

4.  Cultivate a group of thinkers who are as dedicated as you.  Ask for help.

The American Council of Women and Diversity in Medicine, Science, Business, and Education (ACWD-MSBE) is committed to mentoring women and scholars of color in achieving their goals.  2015 WILL be your most successful year.  Be resilient!



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