Glossary of Medical Prefixes and Suffixes by Professor Danna McKellar-Ntaka

Let’s delve right into the material.  My philosophy is that there is no shortcut to doing the work.  Knowing how to break down each prefix, root word, combining form, and suffix will allow you to analyze any report in a clinic or laboratory situation.  You will also need to complete reports that are consistent with your discipline within allied health or the professional healthcare team.

a-                         without

ab-                       away from

abdomino/a-        abdomen

-ac                       pertaining to

acous/o-              hearing

acr/o-                   extremity or topmost

-acusis                 hearing condition

ad-                       to, toward, or near

aden/o-                glad

adip/o-                 fat

adren/o-              adrenal gland

aer/o-                  air or gas

-al                       pertaining to

albumin/o-          protein

-algia                  pain

allo-                    other

alveol/o-             alveolus (air sac)

ambi-                 both

an-                     without

ana-                   up, apart

an/o-                  anus

andr/o-               male

angi/o-               vessel

ankyl/o-              crooked or stiff

ante-                  before

anti-                   against or opposed to

Professor Danna McKellar-Ntaka



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