Medical Terminology by Professor Danna McKellar-Ntaka

Gangli/o- ganglion (knot)
Gastr/o- stomach
-gen origin or production
Genesis- origin or production
Gen/o- origin or production
Ger/o- old age
Gingiv/o- gums
Gli/o- glue
Glomerul/o- glomerulus (little ball)
Gloss/o- tongue
Glott/o- opening
Gluc/o- sugar
Glyc/o- sugar
-gram record
Gyneco- woman
Hem/o- blood
Hemat/o- blood
Hemi- half
Hepat/o- liver
Hepatic/o- liver
Herni/o- hernia
Herero- different
Hidr/o- sweat
Hist/o- tissue
Homo- same
Hormon/o- hormone (an urging on)

Professor Danna McKellar-Ntaka


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