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Accomplish Your Goals by Finding Inspiration

This site was designed to provide a free resource for medical and scientific scholars to find inspiration, accurate information, and unique study techniques.  But the site is much more than a technical resource.  The overtones are motivational and inspirational in nature.  The accomplishment of academic goals can be hampered by barriers which prevent our ability to focus.  Family duties, financial concerns, and personal crises can affect one’s ability to focus during study times.  During times when you feel that you are alone because of a health issue or other relevant concern, read how other people have managed to press forward during difficult times.  People who are brave and transparent enough to speak openly about difficult times in life are an inspiration to others.

Vice President Joe Biden is an example of a person who has seen many difficult days in his life.  Today he will bury his eldest son attorney, Beau Biden who succumbed after a two year battle with brain cancer.  On December 18, 1972 Vice President Biden experienced tragedy when his first wife and 1-year-old daughter were killed in a car accident.  Beau, who will be honored and buried today, and his brother, Hunter were survivors of that fatal accident.  Mr. Biden has been open about his anger, rage, and questions for God after this tragic accident.  In honor of his first wife and daughter, he does not work on December 18th.  Biden also made is clear to colleagues in the Senate that he was to be interrupted promptly if either of his sons called.  Mr. Biden was a single parent for five years before marrying again.  He credits his wife for renewing his interest in life.

Today I chose to give the highest respect to Vice President Joseph Robinette Biden.  Mr. Biden is a man of strength and courage.  He is example for all of us to find inspiration.  Keep pressing forward no matter which obstacles you face or who is the cause of the obstacle.  If you have caused your own crisis, accept the facts, forgive yourself and continue on with your goals.  Do well with this information.  Accomplish your goals even if you are your only supporter.

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