Our Professionals

Dr. McKellar is a multi-disciplinary medical scholar who is sought nationally and internationally by academic medical centers.  She has earned two doctorate degrees in Microbiology (concentration in infectious diseases) and Anatomy and Physiology with interests in neurophysiology, embryology and Pelvic Structure.  Over the past 15 years she has lectured and conducted research and seminars at many academic medical institutions.  The scientific and medical precision she possesses can be attributed to training under some of the East Coast’s leading microbiological and anatomical experts.  Her current clinical research is related to vaccines which protect against the human papilloma virus, and its long term effects on the developing female.  The developers of these vaccines purport that these expensive vaccines will protect adolescents from a few strains of human papilloma virus, (HPV) a causative agent for cervical cancer.   This research will follow vaccinated patients for 10 years to track  results.

In the past she has gained expertise in sleep disorders medicine.  She has published numerous articles and manuals for diagnosing sleep disorders and sleep in the woman from menstruation to menopause.  Dr. McKellar has mentored many other fellows, and shared her excellence in test taking with her students who planned to sit for board examinations.

Dr. McKellar returned to school five years ago, to earn a Master of Business Administration designed for health care professionals, with a concentration in Finance and Non-Profit Management.  Clinical and research excellence have been a mantra for this visionary leader.  She also remains active as an real estate investor, and financed her education by developing abandoned properties.  ACWD-MSBE is a community based organization, which she founded to educate and empower women of Philadelphia.  ACWD has undergone a redirection of focus and has become two distinct organizations.  The organizations have chapters in five states.  Dan, as she is called by her friends, resides in New Jersey.


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